The SHRN community provides an welcoming space to network and prepare for the job search. It is a team that provides feedback and helps you perfect your job “story”. The group pushed me out of my comfort zone. I began networking, I asked for help, I contacted former colleagues, and I got out and attended HR seminars and social events. I allowed myself to be open to advice. I rebuilt my confidence and was able to find a great new position at BHI Energy!

Christine Durkee

Coming from the Hospitality Industry, I was very fortunate to be introduced to SHRN. A truly enlightening group of professionals that not only supported me during a transition but opened many doors and opportunities to allow me to engage in a much broader field of professionals that I had not previously known. The impact of our weekly gatherings was not only insightful but inspiring, allowing for a great network of professionals and broadband of various industries. Anyone that is fortunate to be part of this will see the benefit from their first day. Thank you

Catriona Eldemery

SHRN is the best professional networking group with which I have ever been associated. It provides excellent career transition assistance, but is much more than that. The network provides information and resources to help keep me current with industry and HR trends. Its membership also acts as a sounding board, providing recommendations to assist in addressing or preventing issues in my organization. As an HR leader for a smaller organization, this helps me use my time more effectively.

The network is professionally run. It is quite clear that SHRN leadership takes its charter – to provide value to its members – quite seriously.

Dean Mathieson

I was fortunate to be introduced to SHRN when I was in transition. What I experienced during this time was a network of truly exceptional professionals, who encourage, support, and push each other to move away from what’s comfortable, and become the best possible versions of ourselves. I am forever grateful for this connection. Now as an alumni, I feel equally fortunate to continue to be able to tap into the vast and broad experience of the group.

Todd Marrvin

SHRN is a tremendous resource for HR leaders during career transition and for ongoing networking, education and support. A warm, welcoming, agile community, SHRN members demonstrate their commitment to each other and the practice of HR with a sense of empathy, curiousity and responsiveness. I have made connections that I value as colleagues, thought partners and friends. SHRN members genuinely care about each other and are willing to share their time, network and talent in support of the community. SHRN Leadership and Friends of SHRN are experienced resources who generously share their wisdom and expertise. SHRN is an extraordinary community.

Linda Cataldo

This is what SHRN means to me. SHRN has been the most effectively run networking group that I have been associated with in my career. The selflessness of the membership is exceptional. It is rare to find any opportunity in the New England market where a fellow member does not have direct contact or valuable insight.

The group is professionally operated, and the leadership is exceptional.

Ed Suraci