Ed Evarts

Author, Speaker & Leadership Coach and moderator of the SHRN networking group has just published his new book.

Ed is a life-long business executive and people connector. He has a passion for helping your employees find success in the work they want to do.

He is a prolific speaker and writer on the topic of visibility enhancement and value generation in organizations. Today’s fast-changing and fast-paced workplaces can easily leave you behind unless you are proactively working to be visible and add value. Ed works with individual clients and organizations to ensure business professionals maintain their visibility and relevance.

Learn about new and emerging ideas that will help you succeed:

  • Why networking and performance appraisals are so yesterday
  • The seven Visibility Accelerators designed to help you raise your visibility in your organization and industry
  • How value is the new corporate currency

To learn more about Ed Evarts, read a chapter and buy his book at either Amazon or Barnes & Noble, click the book below.