Each day, hundreds of HR professionals – people just like you – provide support to colleagues across all of our disciplines.

Our network of generous volunteer members and friends share the common thread of supporting one another towards achieving our professional ambitions and aims.

We roll up our sleeves and donate time, money and experience. We learn or teach career enhancing skills so our colleagues can be better prepared when the need arises to apply them.

We do this every day because the resources of SHRN are needed – every day.


Senior Human Resource Network Is a professional not-for-profit networking organization that supports senior Human Resources professionals in advancing their careers with resources that include coaching, core competency building and leadership development.


To be the preferred destination for the professional human resources community, providing our members with a safe, trusting environment for education, development, support in times of need, and resources necessary to grow and maintain successful impactful careers.


We foster an environment focused on knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, progressive learning programs, business relevant centers of excellence, cohorts of subject matter experts, and our proprietary content rich resources.


Members share the values of Collaboration, Commitment, Compassion, Inclusiveness, and Integrity.  Upholding these values is paramount to sustaining SHRN’s trusting environment.

  • Collaboration – always support each other and share knowledge, advice, and opportunities.
  • Commitment always do what we say with accountability and urgency, and show responsiveness and dedication to doing what is necessary to assist others.
  • Compassion – always understand one another’s circumstances and challenges, with empathy and without judgment.
  • Inclusiveness – always provide a warm welcome to colleagues to join, participate, and lead, while valuing differences and experiences that members bring to our community.
  • Integrity – always be honest, transparent, confidential, respectful, and professional.